We call ourselves "the BARN girls"!

It's one of those crazy ideas that  turned into something far greater than we ever imagined!  We are Moms, daughters, best friends, wives, pickers, do-ers and dreamers ... and we do it all together!  

Joni & Joyce

The Mom's & best friends!  Joni and Joyce grew up together and are 2 of their self proclaimed "fab five", a group of best friends from highschool!  


Joyce is a Kindergarten teacher and the "baker" of the group!  If you have attended any of our sales I'm sure you've eaten her famous cinnamon rolls, and IF not.... you must try them next time, amazing!  She keeps the group on track, and is usually cleaning up after one of us!  We can also always count on her to keep everyone's tea or coffee cup filled to the top!


Joni is the "project" enthusiast!  She is forever finding, picking and salvaging things for that perfect idea she has dreamed up in her head!  We give her a hard time.... but they always turn out amazing!  She is the lucky one that gets to wake up to "the BARN" everyday and thankfully has a husband that agrees to put up with us!  We can always count on Joni to stumble upon the greatest finds, when she's not even looking!


Bobbie & Kate

The daughters!  Kate is Joni's.... and Bobbie is Joyce's!  They have gotten used to and adjusted to the crazy things their mothers do and say!  The saying.... "she's your mom" is used frequently and laughs are sure to follow!  


Bobbie is  a mom of 4 girls and the designer.  If a display looks just right, she probably had her hand in it!  She previously owned Cherry Blososm Boutique, downtown Kalona; and currently does all things creative from her home!  Her passion is creating anything visual.... from weddings, to displays to one of a kind furniture pieces!  If we are ever stumped with how to finish a display, she's the one to do it!


Kate is the vintage enthusiast!  She's got and eye for it, and can seem to find the best fleas (our name for awesome finds)!  Kate doesn't just search for treasures, she's an amazing nurse as well!  Kate and her husband held the first wedding at the BARN in the Spring of 2014!  I'm sure you've all had a glimpse at a picture or two... and yes it was as amazing as it looked!  Really that was the start of what the BARN has become today!  We never have a meeting or work night without Kate saying... "You will never believe what I found!"    



That's who we are and what we're all about!  

We never stop planning or dreaming and we ALWAYS have fun doing it!  


The BARN Girls,

Joni, Joyce, Bobbie and Kate